Top Panel

This panel contains four module positions: panel1, panel2, panel3 and panel4. If none of these have published modules, the panel will be hidden.

You have control over the panel settings. You can change panel's height (currently 250px), width (100%), background color and panel's button text (open/close).


Polished Concrete

Any Residential or Commercial concrete floor, new or old, smooth or worn, currently covered or exposed, can be brought to an impeccable shine.

Polished concrete floors are, not only, cost effective and durable but also does not require extensive ongoing maintenance.


· Gives all the benefits of a good epoxy floor, but has no problems associated with coatings.

· The high shine and reflectivity of a polished concrete floor can brighten a room by about 35%

· There is no coating that can fail and the floor still breathes

· Added densifier during the process chemically makes the concrete surface much stronger and more resistant to wear.

· Floor is not slippery


· Also, locks in optional colored dye that can be used to improve the appearance of the floor.