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Azek Vast Pavers


4”x8” Composite Resurfacing Pavers

· Made from 95% recycled materials; up to ½ the weight of concrete

· ADA compliant (Slip resistant)

VAST is the Fastest-to-Install Paver

· Installs three times faster than traditional pavers

· Patented, easy-install 16”x16” grid system ensures straight lines and a level layout

· Weighs 6.2 lbs per square foot

VAST is Engineered to Last

· Lifetime no crack guarantee (residential application)

· Available in five (5) popular colors

· Resists stains better than traditional pavers

· Impact-resistant; will flex but not break

Ideal Application

· New or Old Decks

· Cracked Concrete Patios

· Flat Roofs

· Sidewalks

· Concrete Balconies

VAST applies its patented technology to transform recycled materials into a new resource for green building: composite masonry.

VAST Pavers – including landscape pavers, permeable pavers for storm-water management, roof pavers and thin brick – offer an engineered alternative to molded concrete and clay brick.

VAST meets the most demanding requirements for aesthetics, durability,  sustainability and installation efficiency.


Award-winning VAST Pavers deliver rich colors, stain and slip resistance and an unbeatable strength at less than ½ the weight of traditional concrete pavers